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Award Winning cost effective Soukup Wood CNC Window Centres Model Crafter designed for UK Style Casement, Sliding Sash Window and Doors Joinery Manufactures. We have over 20 Machines installations like this throughout the UK.

Soukup Window Technology has Revolutionisied Manufacturing of Casements & Sliding Sash Windows & Doors in Knock Down Format Saving 40% production timing over traditional joinery methods.

To explore how these cost effective machines can make a difference on your workshop simply complete a Soukup Manufacturing Questionnaire with pictorial images to understand which type of Windows and Doors you produce or would like to produce including numbers per day or week you would like to achieve. Please ask for the Questionnaire.

Once completed this information would allow us to provide you with a Total Package Price Delivered Installed and Commissioned which has transformed manufacturing efficiency and productivity.

See some of our clients comments below:

Marc Carr Limited

"We have now run most profiles on the machine including the box mock sash! All have been designed and sent to the machine using Ra workshop. Just the bi folds and vertical sliders with weights to test.

I know I can be hard work at times especially being under a lot of pressure at work over the last 6 months, but I wanted to just say a big thank you for producing such a quality, innovative piece of machinery and tooling solution. It has brought a great amount of stability to our company and production. I really do appreciate the time and effort you have put in for us!

Hopefully we will be in a position in the not too distant future to upgrade other parts of our workshop/manufacturing process.

Congratulations on winning awards on the Crafter and Versa this year, you must be very proud!"

Marc Carr | Marc Carr Limited

Wood & Wisdom

We installed a Soukup Crafter Machining Centre capable of making 50 Windows a Day for a low cost outlay The machine only takes a floor space of 2m x 2m and is also capable of producing, Doors, Conservatories, Joinery Components.

Adam commented that whilst he looked at many other machinery manufactures no one could match the in depth knowledge of IWM and Soukups in depth of knowledge and answers when my staff asked complex questions on how to manufacture UK Windows Designs e.g. High Performance, Casement, High Performance and Sliding Sash including horns can all be produced on the Soukup Crafter Machine.

“We knew instantly that Soukup was the company to invest in with as this advice and knowledge is priceless when you are making such an investment which made our decision straightforward”.

Adam King | Wood & Wisdom 

Any of the above companies would be more happy to welcome you to visit their workshops to view the machines in action and discuss how this CNC technology has transformed these businesses.

If you would like to find out more information on this range of Soukup Woodworking Machinery dedicated to manufacturing UK Style Casement Window and Doors plus Sliding Box Sash Windows please do not hesitate to contact Ian anytime (24/7 response) either by email or call +44 (0)7944 108747.

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The Soukup Crafter Has many Features & Benefits for the General Joinery Workshop:

  1. Small Footprint Area of 2m x 2m
  2. Capable of producing 50+ windows per shift with one operator
  3. Unique Capability of producing horn detail for Sliding Sash
  4. Original Software that creates window or door orders in office before presenting to machine
  5. Standard Machine Software to Create Timber Cutting List
  6. Standard Machine Software to Create Glazing Sizes
  7. Machine capable of being networked from office to receive orders
  8. Glazing Bars produced in profiling section
  9. On Screen Machine Diagnostics to pinpoint should any errors or alarms occur
  10. Low Capital Investment with high capital payback. 

This is only one of many machines that Soukup Manufacturer please check our Soukup website for other machines and accessories for the Window Industry. The sliding sash operation:

open tenons and slotsmilling of horns in different mouldsadapting of meeting rail slots to parting beadprofiling of traditionalbevelled meeting railsoutside profiling and grooving for cord, gasket or balance springsNB. Mortising of sash stiles is made off-line

The sliding box operation

Profiling of divided cill in partnotching of cill part for interior lining beadtrenching of slot in cill and head for pulley stilescutting operation for moulded pulley stiles, lining beads, cill extensiontenoning and profiling of box parts intended for balance springsNB. Lining beads, pulley stiles, head and cill extension are moulded off-line

Casement operation

Recovering of glazing beads and sticking bars from frame rebatetenoning and profiling of framestenoning and profiling of casements with shorted rails tenon for stormproofingtenoning and profiling of casements with fully machining of components without stormproofing (flush, stormproof & high performance windows)

Configuration of the machine

The original Soukup solution doesn’t need any antisplitting spindle jumping on the corner. The cross wood is milled out during the double cycle of tenoning. For outside milling remains only longitudinal wood without tearing off. This system makes easier milling of small sashes where the stability causes problem.

Horn unit on the tenoning side of the Crafter